Giselle Sia

- Swedish companies should be open-minded and willing to adapt to the culture of the different Asian countries while still retaining the innovativeness and efficiency that is innate to Sweden, says Giselle Sia, Country Manager for MultiMind International Philippine Branch Office.

- They should not be afraid to explore Asia because there are many business opportunities that are available especially in the Philippines. The country has one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world and the economy is currently doing really well. Majority of the people can speak English and are well-educated.

Giselle Sia lives in Manila, Philippines and are fluent in English, Filipino and Basic Chinese (Mandarin and Fookien). She graduated from DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY – MANILA, one of the top universities in the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce, Major in Marketing Management. At MultiMind she is responsible for managing the Philippine branch office, maintaining existing accounts as well as securing the recruitment process and make sure to work towards the company’s overall targets and vision.

- Being Chinese Filipino, I get the best of both worlds – the warmth and hospitality of the Filipinos coupled with the work ethic and discipline of the Chinese. I can also easily get along and communicate with all nationalities – Filipinos, Chinese living in the Philippines and foreigners - because I am multi-lingual and have experience adapting to different cultures.